-- trombone, didgeridoo, live electronics

Markku Veijonsuo came upon the idea of creating a solo show which combines trombone, didgeridoo and studio electronics as his private yearning for something totally new became almost unbeareable. Years upon years of arduous toil in numerous groups - most notably the - both in the studio and on the stage slowly prepared the man for an adventure in which he would act not only as the captain or the navigator, but also the vessel.

At the end of 1997, with a set of tunes and ideas complete, Veijonsuo took the bull by the horns and booked his first ever solo concert. Ever since those days the daring trombonist has performed his "solo-operation" to critical acclaim on various occasions such as the Viitasaari Time Of Music festival, the Art Goes Kapakka in Helsinki and the Tampere Jazz Happening.

The flamboyant music colourist has studied with the likes of Steve Turre and Conrad Herwig. He has also taught at the jazz department of the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Markku's innovative usage of sound manipulating equipment stems from his distant past as a guitarist. The didgeridoo worked its magic over our brass specialist via an almost forgotten album of Australian field recordings excavated from the library vaults. Veijonsuo prefers to put his work and tools in perspective in the following manner:

"I use modern effects mainly to broaden the soundscape, and will never let them become too vital in my expression. Didgeridoo, on the other hand, attracts me as a sort of a distant Cro Magnon -cousin of the Western horns. Its playing technique is thousands of years old, yet still totally modern and relevant to this day. At least for me the didj is a symbol of the philosophical and abstract level of music. It also serves as a great reminder of the young age of the trombone and the whole Western culture and way of life."

--  Petri Silas

The Respected magazine Finnish Music Quarterly ran a lengthy feature on Markku in issue 1/2001. You can read the article at the Press Quotes -section.
- born Feb 2nd, 1961, Lempäälä, Finland
- Master of Music 1994 (Sibelius Academy, Helsinki)
- The lead trombonist of the trombone section at the UMO Jazz Orchestra since 1984
- Chosen as "trombonist of the year" by the critics' poll of the newspaper Jazzrytmit in 1999, 2000 & 2001
- The recipient of a 12-month state grant during the year 2000
Dec 12th 1997   -  the very first ever "solo-operation",  Teatteri Pieni Suomi, Helsinki
Feb 1st 1998   -  The New Music series at The Atheneum Art Museum, Helsinki
Apr 1st 1998   -  studio session for The Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE, Helsinki
Apr 4th 1998   -  The Lahti Brass Weekend
Jul 11th 1998   -  The Time Of Music Festival, Viitasaari
Jul 17th 1998   -  Pori Jazz Festival, Pori
Oct 31st 1998   -  Tampere Jazz Happening, Tampere
Dec 6th 1998   -  Amnesty International, Kiasma, Helsinki
Mar 9th-23th 1999   -  The Franco-Finnish "Free Voices and Sounds" -tour of 12 Finnish cities
     / solo and w/ accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen
Jul 2nd 1999   -  Avanti! Suvisoitto, Porvoo
Oct 24th 1999   -  Premiere of Markus Fagerudd's commission work
      "Five moments for solo trombone and live electronics"
Jun 1st 2000   - Kalottijazz, Tornio
Aug 15th 1998   -  The Kallio-Kuninkala Festival, Järvenpää w/ accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen
Nov 16th 1998   -  Club Tse-Tse, Helsinki w/ accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen
Mar 9th-23th 1999   -  The Franco-Finnish "Free Voices and Sounds" -tour of 12 Finnish cities
     / solo and w/ accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen
Mar 25th 1999   -  The French Cultural Center, Helsinki w/ saxophonist Francois Corneloup
Aug 25th 1999   -  Art Goes Kapakka, Helsinki w/ saxophonist Pepa Päivinen
Markku Veijonsuo -trio on tour:  
Mar 26th 2000   -  Tampere  
Mar 28th 2000   -  Kuopio  
Mar 29th 2000   -  Joensuu  
Mar 30th 2000   -  Rovaniemi  
Mar 31st 2000   -  Raahe  
Apr 1st 2000   -  Oulu  
The Markku Veijonsuo -trio consists of Lasse Lindgren, bass, Mika Kallio, drums and M. Veijonsuo. The tour was carried out with The Marc Ducret -trio (France) and organized by “Free Voices and Sounds”/Mr Charles Gil.  
Jul 19th 2000   -  Pori Jazz, Ultra Music Meeting  
    Veijonsuo-Rintala-Tiits -project: Trombone Meets Electricity
Kalev Tiits, computer-based synthesis
Mika Rintala, ”the mad scientist”, home-made electronic instruments and synthesizers
Markku Veijonsuo, trombone, didgeridoo, theremin and live electronics
Oct 8th 2000   -  Silkkijazz, Vantaa  
    Miniature musical: Karhun syli (“The Bear’s Lap”)for children and adults
(text by Eija Ahvo, music by M. Veijonsuo, trombone, overtone flute, didgeridoo, live electronics)
  Oct 15th 2000 Martinus Concert Hall, Vantaa  
    Markku Veijonsuo –trio  
  Nov 24th 2000 UMO Jazz Orchestra, Concert Hall of the Pop/Jazz Conservatoire
Composer and soloist: M. Veijonsuo
The concert included quadrofonic amplification system, moving pictures, electronic music and poetry.
  Feb 20th 2001 Club Tse-Tse, Helsinki
Duo-improvisation with Markus Fagerudd, piano
Mar 3rd 1999   -  Karakara (debut solo album of trombone, didgeridoo and live electronics)  
Oct 2000   -  Radio tape recording for the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE (Markku Veijonsuo –trio)  
Dec 15th 1999   -  Good night -video Markku Veijonsuo: Whaletales
     (for YLE, Finnish Broadcasting company)
Spring 2000   -  Finnish Jazz Document by Lasse Keso "Jatsit"
Summer 2000   -  Movie by Otto Donner "I morgon igen"
- The Settlemen Big Band (as conductor)  
- The Break Big Band  
- The Tapiola Big Band (as leader of the trombone section)  
- The Pori Big Band (as leader of the trombone section)  
- The Espoo Big Band (as leader of the trombone section)  
- The UMO Jazz Orchestra (as leader of the trombone section)  
- The Veijonsuo-Priha Punishment  
- The Upi Sorvali Big Bad Family  
- The Markku Veijonsuo Quartet  
- The Kimmo Pohjonen - Markku Veijonsuo -duo  
- The Super Brass  
- The Jukka Linkola Tentet  
- The Yrjänä Sauros Big Band  
- Nada (guesting)  
- Otto Donner Free For All  
- Jimi Tenor (tour in December 2000)  
- The Finnish National Opera: Gaia by Markus Fagerudd, first night 24th March 2001 
photo by Timo Kelaranta